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WASTE is a TextEdit replacement written by Marco Piovanelli. WASTE stands for WorldScript-Aware Styled Text Engine. The main features of WASTE are:

Marco also runs a WASTE page with information on the upcoming WASTE 2.0.

What's New?

WASTE and Support Files

The latest version of WASTE.
Work in progress on WASTE 2.0
WASTE 1.1 QuickView Database
A version of the WASTE 1.1 documentation in QuickView format.
WASTE Tabs 1.3.1
A set of routines for adding tab support to WASTE 1.1 and WASTE 1.2. Note: For WASTE 1.3, use the tab code included with WASTE 1.3.
WASTE Object Handler Archive 1.2.6
A set of object handlers for use with WASTE 1.2. Put together by Michael F. Kamprath and John Daub. Includes handlers for pictures, sounds, and files.
WASTE 1.2a3 with multiple alignment support
Szilveszter Juhos's modified version of WASTE 1.2a3 that allows different paragraphs to have different alignments.
WASTE extras
Hooks for WASTE 1.2 or later by Jonathan Kew. One extra shows invisible characters, and the other speeds things up when you want to wrap lines only on CR's.
MPW Makefile
From Damien Doligez
WASTE 1.3a4 modification for multiple undo support
From Somorjai Akos
WASTE 1.2 documentation in html
From Neil Miller
WASTE 1.3a4 documentation in Word 5.1 format
The file used to make the pdf version of the documentation.

Wrapper Classes

WASTE TCL version 2.0b2
A set of classes for using WASTE (any version) with TCL (THINK Class Library), by Dan Crevier .
PowerPlant wrapper classes
A set of classes for using WASTE with PowerPlant by Timothy Paustian.
A WASTE counterpart of the TTEView TextEdit wrapper object for MacApp 2 (in pascal) by Roger Brown. It's not totally polished, but handles the basics.
Prograph Wrapper (DR-2)
By John Allsopp.
MacApp 3.1.5 wrapper
From the Debugger Group at Apple. It supports the basic functions of WASTE.
MacApp now has complete support for WASTE 1.3.4. There is a complete framework for using WASTE along with an example of how WASTE can be used as a text editor that supports embedding graphics, URLs, etc.

Sample Code

Printing Code
Sample printing code in C by Evan Maloney.
More Printing Code
More complete printing code in C++ by Alain Aslag Roy.
Even more printing code
A routine to print a block of monostyled text using WASTE, by Roy Wood.
GX Printing Code
Code for printing with WASTE under Quickdraw GX by Xiaolin Zhao.
XTND sample code
Sample code for using XTND with WASTE from Eric Forget.
QuickTime and Quickdraw 3D Object Handlers
From Xiaolin Zhao,

Some of the Programs Using WASTE

(in alphabetical order)

Agent Audio
A sound replacement utility produced by Clixsounds and written by Mark Wall of Green Mountain Software
AOL Instant Messenger
AOL's online chat program
A text editor by Akira.
Grammar checker, dictionary, conjugator for French.
Claris Emailer
An email utility from Claris.
An AppleScript command line interface for the MacOS by Andrew Thaler.
A personal information manager
CTM PowerMail
A PowerTalk based email program.
The Internet bandwidth utility
Day-Timer Organizer
A commercial cross-platform organizer.
A text editor that works with clippings, so you can open the files directly from the Finder, by Jae Ho Chang
Eloquent Player
A player for conferences-on-CD.
A plugin for CU-SeeMe that adds text based chat support, by Chris Silverberg.
A replacement for Stickies with tons of nice enhancements.
A newsreader.
Hsoi's App Shell
A application shell by John C. Daub that includes support for WASTE based text editing.
HTML Editor
A WYSIWYG HTML editor written by Rick Giles.
HTML Viewer
A hypertext viewer by Mark Valence.
Hugo Plus 8.0
A bilingual (french and english) grammar checker, by Softissimo.
Idea Keeper
A much enhanced Stickies replacement by Glenn M. Berntson
I Ching Connexion 2.3
"I Ching with a new view" a divination utility by Christiaan Freeling and Ed Van Zon.
I'm TextViewer
A general text file viewer by Naoki Kisara
Internet Explorer 4.0
Microsoft's web browser
A newsreader by Roger Brown.
iSpQ VideoChat
Video conferencing and instant messaging by nanoCom
Kodak Picture Postcard Software
For making digital postcards with Kodak digital cameras.
A C Programming Environment for Reversible Execution and Software Visualization
A list server from FogCity
An X.500 Online Directory client by Mark Smith. It will use WASTE in an upcoming release.
A Japanese-English dictionary application written by Dan Crevier.
MacNial 0.9b1
A multi-paradigm interpreted language based on array theory. By Andy Maloney and The Array-Based Computation Lab at Queen's University.
A application that provides a Mac interface to internet weather servers, by Christopher Kidwll
A C++ programming framework.
A German offline newsreader and email software, by Andreas Wagner
A WASTE-based mail client
MSN Messenger
Microsoft's instant messenger client
An IMAP email client
A shareware time-tracking utility by Karl Bunker.
Netscape Communicator
Netscape's browser package
Outlook Express
Microsoft's free email/news client
An HTML editor.
A hypertext knowledge engineering application from Western Civilisation.
Personal Log
A program for managing collections of notes by Michael F. Kamprath.
POV-Ray Unofficial Compile
A ray tracing application
An application which smoothly scrolls your speech down your screen by ilesa Software
A freely distributable cross-platform programming language.
A statistical application.
A visual, object-oriented development environment
A JAVA applet development environment from Natural Intelligence.
RTF Viewer
By Mark Gaponoff
ScottFree/Mac 1.0
A freeware program to play Scott Adam's adventure games.
Script Debugger
A powerful replacement for Apple's Script Editor by Mark Alldritt.
Sentius Read!
A viewer program for enhanced hypermedia documents
An IRC client
A web server log analysis program.
An application development environment from QKS.
Speed Search
A shareware application that searches files for text, by Matt Brunk.
A styled text editor by Marco Piovanelli.
SystemSoft Dictionaries
Japanese, English-Japanese, Japanese-English dictionaries by SystemSoft.
Web application development software.
Text Machine
PreFab Text Machine(tm) adds verbs to AppleScript and Frontier to search and replace based on text patterns defined by simple keywords. A future release will bring the benefits of pattern matching to people who don't write scripts.
Tex-Edit Plus
A WASTE-based version of Tom Bender's popular Tex-Edit editor.
A TeX based typesetting tool that supports GX fonts, by Jonathan Kew
A multimedia database manager
A multimedia presentation manager
Unicorn Editor
A WASTE-based text editor by Xiaolin Zhao that provides special features for editing Chinese text.
Wanna Be Web Browser, a text based web browser.
A utility for building dynamic graphics for web pages.
A WASTE based HTML editor by Timothy Paustian.
A freeware Macintosh implementation of traceroute by Bryan Christianson.
Worksheet Magic
A utility for teachers that creates dozens of different worksheets for students based on word lists that the instructor enters only once
Yet Another NewsWatcher
A news reader derived from NewsWatcher
A text editor that can work with two-byte fonts without the language kits.

Other Sources of Information

WASTE Mailing List
Dan Crevier maintains the WASTE Mailing List using LetterRip. To subscribe, send a message to
Dan's ftp server
Has the latest versions of most of the WASTE related stuff.

Maintained by Dan Crevier.