Oingo Boingo(8)

Kirkus Review
Whisky a Go Go, L.A.
Variety Magazine, October 15, 1980

Recently pacted with A&M-distributed IRS, Oingo Boingo octet still lacks a consistent body of material to launch tiself as something more than a local cult attraction, which this group has been for quite some time now.

Show caught at the Whisky had its highpoints on such oldie classics as "You Really Got Me" and "California Girls", the latter a rousingly original variation on the familar melody, as well as on entries from its four-song LP on IRS.

Although the group's three-man horn section sets the ensamble apart from others in the progressive field, those players were underutilized and undermixed. When they were in the forefront, however, the added texture did offer some interesting possibilities musically which might be worth tapping in more depth.

Lead vocalist and founder Danny Elfman has a strong New Waver voice and arresting look on stage which helps to hold attention, as do the band's occasional forays into ska-like tunes, whose infectiousness is a decided plus.

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